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Hi! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

My name is Rich (if you haven’t already guessed). I’m a software developer based in Birmingham, UK. After a lot of procrastinating I’ve finally set up a blog.

This post is really just a bit of an introduction; a bit about me, and what I want to write about (although I’m sure it’ll change over time). I don’t have a Computer Science degree (I actually ended up studying Astrophysics) so other than a few simple programming courses at university, I am pretty much self-taught. I have been working as a software developer since university and absolutely love it. I mostly use Python so that’ll probably be the focus of this blog. Over the years, I’ve learned more and more about Python (and programming in general), and there have been some (…OK plenty) of things that I have struggled with, things that I haven’t found obvious and things that I just flat out got wrong. So I want to write this blog to share what I have found/learned, and make it easy for people to understand. I’m also going to include a lot of content aimed at people that want to start, or are just starting to learn programming. If you’re a seasoned developer, you’re probably going to find a lot of the content here quite basic but you might pick up a few useful lines of code here or there. I do want to write about some of the more advanced topics in the future, but I’m going to save those for when I am better at writing.


So here is what I’m planning to write over the next few months:

  • Introduction to Python Programming Series
  • Optimization tricks in Python Series
  • Computer Science Principles Series


I want to make these topics into series to keep the post size relatively small and easy to read. Please comment on this post or others if you have any ideas for content you would like to see on this blog (or to point out if I have got something wrong!).


So with all of that said, thank you for reading this far and lets get to it!

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